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14 Jan 2014

Holland in Winter

Birch trees silhouetted against the steel gray sky. Winter ravens watch the sheep below. The farm – a hidden shelter.  

08 Sep 2013
07 Sep 2013
14 Nov 2012

Plant Fabric Dyeing

Harvesting flowers and leaves – they went into jars to be dyeing during the winter.

09 Sep 2012

50-Year Birthday Card for My Sister

This three-dimensional card (*12″ x 12″x 24″ tall) hangs and moves on the air. The bottom part consists of images of her and me, to represent 5 past decennia, one new decennium, and a quote from a letter by my sister on time. Each decennium has a small insert of portraits – one photo of her at that time, one of mine, back-to-back. In the framing background a one-colorized enlargement of the photo in that panel.

06 Sep 2012
07 Jul 2012

Fiery Labor

It comes down to the fact that, to change and become a person of beauty, of goodness, of truth, it is only we ourselves who can do this. Like one who forges iron from earth with fire we forge ourselves in the huge labor to the best we can be.

07 Jul 2012

Black-eyed Susan, Pounded

Flower Pounding is basically a means to transfer the color and shape of flowers (I used some frozen) on paper or fabric

18 Feb 2011

How They Bend

Beautiful Palo Verde. She will be basking in yellow in another month.

06 Sep 2010