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30 May 2022

Easter Eggs

Easter is my favorite holiday. Spring, new colors, new scents, new light, and new projects. Throughout the years, I have dyed Easter eggs with our grandchildren, and this has become a tradition. Many of the eggs are dyed with leaves, and in dyes from plants. Many look like little jeweled treasures. We still hunt for eggs on Easter morning.     

20 Mar 2022

Eco Prints from Eucalyptus Leaves (Small Slideshow)

All leaves from the same branch from our neighbor’s tree. Printed on watercolor paper soaked in different mordants: water with Vinegar, Rusty water,  Alum, and Iron shavings. Magic!        

20 Mar 2022

Our Plants for Dyeing

Our wilding garden in in Sedona, Arizona – zone 9. Within it, there are many micro-climates. Some of the plants and their dyes on recycled strips of old cotton bedsheets. A lits of these plants, enlarged. (coming)  

08 Sep 2019
09 Sep 2016

Within the Wreath

Happy Christmas! Click here for some unexpected details. By clicking anywhere on the above link to the wreath, you see an enlargement of the leaves, seeds, and berries, in an unexpected world from dragons to fairies, a world of death and life, of darkness,of unexpected colors, and light. A world in which things are not as they appear. By clicking anywhere on the enlargements,  or on the banner “Christmas ” on top, you will get back to the wreath.   […]

04 Dec 2015
14 Nov 2015
12 Nov 2015

At the Edge of the Plateau

I have lived in a canyon close to Sedona since 1981. There has not been a day in which I have not loved these mesas and buttes. They are such a Presence, and dramatic backdrop for the sky.   

11 Nov 2015

In Between

Kauai in June. In between two continents. In between cultures. In between

10 Nov 2015


A night deep in the desert. It seems so lonely. Yet the stars in the infinite vast space are our infinite companions, watching us.