Category : Hand-printed Etchings

12 Nov 2015

At the Edge of the Plateau

I have lived in a canyon close to Sedona since 1981. There has not been a day in which I have not loved these mesas and buttes. They are such a Presence, and dramatic backdrop for the sky.   

11 Nov 2015

In Between

Kauai in June. In between two continents. In between cultures. In between

10 Nov 2015


A night deep in the desert. It seems so lonely. Yet the stars in the infinite vast space are our infinite companions, watching us.

07 Nov 2015
30 Jan 2015

Summer in Colorado

While the rest of the Southwest is sweltering in the hot and dry weather, high in the Colorado mountains spring is just starting, and the green meadows and the flowers hurry to get their life cycle in a season in which spring, summer and fall are combined in the span of two months.

23 Jan 2015

Point of Decision

Sometimes we need to put the subject of our decision in perspective of a greater reality to foresee the effects of what we will decide.  

23 Jan 2015


He is the Guardian of the Castle. He will only allow to enter those who have been called. Even he is being watched by the Guard of the Mountains.

22 Jan 2015

Mission San José de Laguna, New Mexico

A hot afternoon in the New Mexico desert. Clouds are gathering for a refreshing rain. This little church has been a haven for Indians who  

22 Jan 2015

Bearers of the Light of Fire

All over the world people of goodwill can be found no matter where and no matter when.

21 Jan 2015