Raised and educated in the Netherlands, I grew up in a family active in the post-war reconstruction of Holland. Since my father was the burgomaster of a town destroyed in the war, I participated in international exchanges with other European cities and with students from newly independent developing nations to heal the war’s wounds and traumas. My family promoted cultural events for artists, writers and poets, and I accompanied my family to many reconstructive events and on many travels.

In The Netherlands I studied printmaking at the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten Sint Joost in Breda, and specialized in Etching (printmaking). My minor was Book Design and Production. In the same year that I graduated Cum Laude with the equivalent of a Master of Fine Arts Degree, I came to Los Angeles, and married Richard Sidy. After having raised a family and continued involvement in the area of printmaking and book publications, I took up web design and production.

My hand-printed etchings/intaglio work has been exhibited at the Gemeente Museum in Arnhem, The Netherlands; at the D’Art Maria Louisa Gallery in Genoa, Italy; at the Oslo Kunstforening in Norway, and at different galleries in the USA.

Topics of my etchings include landscapes; flowers; spiritual and psychological conditions; heroic, mythological, symbolic, and archetypal images to uplift and inspire.

After marriage and raising a family, I worked in publishing for the Saraydarian Institute, and then studied at the Sedona Center for Arts and Technology to learn the newest applications in digital media arts.

For a short period, I taught Graphic Design and Technology at Yavapai College and Northern Arizona University. In 2000, I started my web design studio, Graphics 360, where I helped creative people tell their inspiring stories and showcase creative and philanthropic endeavors on websites. (http://websitesforcreativepeople.com)Currently I am exploring a great spectrum of what our wilding garden plants can offer: beauty, food, dyes, fragrances, timelessness, connection with Nature. I am super grateful for these sustaining Gifts.

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