Little Lost Spark – Remember You Are Sun

NOTE: This is a project I experimented with in 2014 in Adobe Edge Animate software. Since then, browsers have new versions, and many Flash files (with which this piece was made) are no longer or partially visible/audible. Depending on your platforms, you may be able to watch it – with or without music –  click here to see.
It seems that the latest version of Chrome does show the piece and with music.

LITTLE SPARK,  Remember You Are Sun

is a metaphor, suggesting that all of us came from the same source. 

In myths and legends all over the world, that source is Fire – the Sun. 

Having been born into the world of matter, we forget this. 

The Great Challenge is to remember that, in essence,

we are more than appearances in place and time

and to remember 

that in the midsts of the pain and suffering on our Planet,

we part of a greater Life, 

of a Sun, or Spirit 

in essence. 


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