• Madder plants can be super invasive. They need to be kept in a box. The leaves are sticky-like and cling.
  • Such a beautiful intense color!
  • The fabric coming out of the bath looks so rich...
  • ... but as it dries, it tones down quite a lot.
  • Future project.

Project Description

Several years ago, I got some ground Madder from an indigenous woman from Four Corners. One of my colorless woolen shawls I dyed in it, and it turned into a beautiful sienna-brown.

Since Madder grows well in our area and soil, I got some seeds in 2019. The dye comes from the roots; the roots must have been in the ground for at least 2-3 years, dry out, and get ground.  I will be harvesting some of the roots in the  spring of 2022.

Because I had some more of the dye color, I used it on a stiff cotton sheeting to explore Itagime Shibori – you fold and clamp fabric to-be-dyed and immerse it in a dye bath. Results in photos below.