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Visiting Doornik Natuurakkers

Ineke Berentschot, who wrote the wonderful bread baking bread “Nachtbrood,” showed a friend and me around at the Doornik Natuurakkers.

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Salt Flats or the Art and Science of Harvesting Salt

Salt Beds

Ever since visiting Île d’Oléron (on the French coast north of Bordeaux), where salt is harvested,

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Grasshoppers on the Défense

La Grande Arche de la Défense, Paris, France

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Blue Victorian

Portland, Washington, USA

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On the Railroad

Madrid Railway Station

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Need Balance to See

Yakima Light House – along the Coast in Washington State, USA

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Experience Music

Gehry Building in Seattle, Oregon, USA

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Get Wine with the Bikes

Bikes in Costa Rica

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Between the Borders

Pan American Highway, Costa Rica

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Happy Flags

L’île d’Oléron, France

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