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How They Bend

Beautiful Palo Verde. She will be basking in yellow in another month.

After the Desert Rains

Green things sprouted – mud dried up.

Flower Tea

The flowers and leaves for this tea are from the beautiful Kartause Cloister in Switzerland.

Visiting Doornik Natuurakkers

Ineke Berentschot, who wrote the wonderful bread baking bread “Nachtbrood,” showed a friend and me around at the Doornik Natuurakkers.

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Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona


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Red Cabbage after the Frost – December 22, 2015

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Desert Willow on First Winter Day – December 21, 2015

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Cut Figs – December 5, 2015

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Salt Flats or the Art and Science of Harvesting Salt

Salt Beds

Ever since visiting Île d’Oléron (on the French coast north of Bordeaux), where salt is harvested,

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Cyanotype: Figs

One of the cyanotypes I made during The Italy Workshop 2015 in Benabbio, Tuscany, Italy.

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