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Sun Dance

Dance while the world is on fire –
only by dancing to the Sun.

Becoming Shining for all in the world that changes, burns, and passes.


His mother reminded him,
“You have no companions but your shadow.”

a companion was guiding him in the heavens.  


Where the worlds begin. (1968)

Book: Zuni Myth of Creation (1971)

The Task

It is a significant moment when we realize that
the real task in our life lies in the dangerous mountains beyond,
and the only companion will be our white horse.
But with the blessing of our mentor, all is possible.

Joshua Tree

It is full moon in the Joshua Tree Desert in California.
It seems we are on the moon itself.
Only the Joshua Tree blossoms tell us we are on earth.


Those who are dedicated to each other
become each a side of the same coin:

Holland in Winter

Birch trees silhouetted against the steel gray sky.

Winter ravens watch the sheep below.

The farm – a hidden shelter.  

When They Found the Light

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