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Climate Crisis

Black-eyed Susan, Pounded

Flower Pounding is basically a means to transfer the color and shape of flowers (I used some frozen) on paper or fabric

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How They Bend

Beautiful Palo Verde. She will be basking in yellow in another month.

After the Desert Rains

Green things sprouted – mud dried up.

Flower Tea

The flowers and leaves for this tea are from the beautiful Kartause Cloister in Switzerland.

Cochineal Red

After having experimented with the beautiful Blues from Indigo and Woad dyeing, shades of Reds and Purples are my current favorite. Because the Zinnias are blooming and the mornings are colder?

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Visiting Doornik Natuurakkers

Ineke Berentschot, who wrote the wonderful bread baking bread “Nachtbrood,” showed a friend and me around at the Doornik Natuurakkers.

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Alabama Chanin Workshop in Auty, France – at Chateau Dumas

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Plant-Dyed Surprises!

Last fall, I placed flowers, leaves, branches, and seedpots in glass jars with water and cotton fabric. After having been locked up for almost half a year (see the beginning here), today I opened the jars and unfolded the fabrics. Voila! Fabric that has been dyed beautifully by Nature.

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Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona


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