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Within the Wreath

Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona

Take a little digital tour of the Phoenix Botanical Garden.

At the Edge of the Plateau

I have lived in a canyon close to Sedona since 1981.

There has not been a day in which I have not loved these mesas and buttes.

They are such a Presence, and dramatic backdrop for the sky.   


A night deep in the desert. It seems so lonely.

Yet the stars in the infinite vast space
are our infinite companions, watching us.

Cyanotype: Figs

One of the cyanotypes I made during The Italy Workshop 2015 in Benabbio, Tuscany, Italy.

Hankies Holder Pattern – December 8, 2015

Point of Decision

Sometimes we need to put the subject of our decision
in perspective of a greater reality
to foresee the effects of what we will decide.  

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